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We welcome, in a big house, 10 little orphans, from 0 to 17 years old. We need donations to feed, dress and provide care to these little ones. We are looking for not only godfathers and godmothers but also funds to fillfull the needs of organization and essential products as Mattresses, blankets, diapers, medicines, food, etc ...
35, - It's a day of life for this little world !
Our KUKUFAMILY project is to provide financial support to families totally deprived. A little money, vegetables, help them to relocate, with little, we do miracles!
25, - It is a month of food for one person
40, - It is the rent of a house for a month
100, - It's a bike
KUKUKIDS 2016/2017
60 children are now enrolled in 3 different schools. Mabulio, Patmos and Mbanza.
150, - it is for a year, school, School materials and uniforms.
We still have to finance medicines, a breakfast every morning (many of them only eat one meal a day) and transport !
15, - It's a breakfast for 60 children !
12, - It is transport in KUKUTAXI !
KUKUS, this is our Poultry Project! This chicken coop of 50 hens improves the ordinary of our small protected and gives more ressources to the Mabulio school. (Sale of chickens and eggs).
10, - It's a hen or a cock
30, - It is a bag of grains
50, - This is the monthly wage of Jojo, the Guardian of the kukus (hens)!
* We will soon be building new chicken coops! Chicken lovers, get ready!
MAVIVI, It is our project "Feeding Hope".
We made your donations bitch, the acquisition of 4 fields that we cultivate.
The culture makes it possible to feed a large part of our little proteges, to provide a supplement for feeding the families we help, to sell a small part of our production.
The project is not yet self-sufficient. We have some salaries to pay for the farmers, a bit of transport ...
For each amount of 50, - CHF / € / $, we will send you a small piece of our Puzzle which symbolizes a small piece of hope!
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Make a donation to MAVIVI (50, -) and get a piece of Puzzle!

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