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Who are we?


I am Murielle Zagdoun, born in France in 1959.Married to JC ( Jean Claude) and the mother of 2 boys and a girl. I have worked for many years in business and have decided to concentrate on my artisitic gifts of painting,sculpture and mosaics. I was fascinated by the project and Fiona's courage.Immediately I made the decision to give my energy to serve her ONG and assist the orphans in their future.


Switzerland Tel: +41 78 908 92 72

France Tel: +33 607 11 12 22



I am Rene'e Piguet , born in Holland in 1960, married to Patrice and mother to two boys, Adrien and Guillaume. I completed the Hotel School in Lausanne. I trot the globe and have South Africa in my heart.As an independant character by nature, I run my own business. I was touched by the extraordinary courage of Fiona, my friend for always and I want to send her assistance for the development of her ONG in Congo.


Switzerland Tel: +41 79 622 51 15


Here are the details of the items we need. Feel free to print and circulate :)
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Livre d'Or!
Hope for the Hopeless
10/12/2015 18:14:12
To our precious friends and dpi doors of ROULE MA POULE, we are do very grateful to you all.. And especially to Renee and Mumu, who work like slaves every day to help us finish our projects !!! We call our work a project... But it is really a GIFT we can give to each child... A gift of HOPE for the future... A new self esteem.... A new reason to live and smile.... That's all a child needs... To know they are loved and appreciated.  YOU have given this to our orphans in this project in Mabulio... We love you lots!!!! And thank you always. Love Fiona and Guelord.
05/11/2015 17:44:05
Chère Renée et Mumu, le mot me manque pour témoigner votre amour et la volonté que vous manifester en faveur des enfants orphelins de massacre à Beni. Nous vous serons toujours reconnaissant pour tout ce que vous faites maintenant et pour ce que vous continuerez à faire pour les vulnérables en RD Congo. Merci infiniment. Sé/ Guelord BUKURU.
05/11/2015 13:18:26
We are so grateful to you, Renee and Mumu! You are sending do much hope to these children who suffer.. The best part is that the project will grow quickly, bringing income to help with medicines, school needs, emergencies etc, so there will be ongoing support. Not just a once off gift. That is so exciting! On behalf of the 31 war orphans here in Mabulio, we salute your generosity and love! Blessings Fiona and Guelord Founders of a Hope for the Hopeless Beni DRC
15/10/2015 21:59:33
Bravo les poules ! Il y a un mois  il n'y avait rien qu'une friche et  des orphelins qui vivaient dans la jungle. Maintenant les gamins sont scolarisés, le poulailler est presque fini. C'est de la micro économie par une micro ONG et ça marche ! Vouloir c'est pouvoir. Comme quoi on peut faire des omelettes sans casser des oeufs. !  Et Roule ma poule ! loin et pour longtemps !
Monique de Roos
11/10/2015 17:59:23
Fantastique, je trouve cela tellement sympa, et l' ídée de pouvoir choisir SON action est très motivante. Bravo bravo bravo, je vous soutiens de tout coeur!!
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Beni, RDC
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