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Who are we?


I am Murielle Zagdoun, born in France in 1959.Married to JC ( Jean Claude) and the mother of 2 boys and a girl. I have worked for many years in business and have decided to concentrate on my artisitic gifts of painting,sculpture and mosaics. I was fascinated by the project and Fiona's courage.Immediately I made the decision to give my energy to serve her ONG and assist the orphans in their future.


Switzerland Tel: +41 78 908 92 72

France Tel: +33 607 11 12 22



I am Rene'e Piguet , born in Holland in 1960, married to Patrice and mother to two boys, Adrien and Guillaume. I completed the Hotel School in Lausanne. I trot the globe and have South Africa in my heart.As an independant character by nature, I run my own business. I was touched by the extraordinary courage of Fiona, my friend for always and I want to send her assistance for the development of her ONG in Congo.


Switzerland Tel: +41 79 622 51 15


Here are the details of the items we need. Feel free to print and circulate :)
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Livre d'Or!
26/01/2018 12:00:34
Quelle énergie! Quels efforts! Quels résultats ! Bravo à toute l'équipe et à ce que vous faite pour ces petits ! Longue vie à Roule ma Poule !
Catherinne W
16/06/2017 18:28:02
Toujours plus étonnée des efforts déployés et des résultats obtenus en si peux de temps! Bravo les Poulettes !
Marie Christine
01/04/2017 12:32:11
De plus en plus fort ! bravo pour votre engagement et bravo à tous vos soutiens !
14/02/2017 18:09:55
C'est vraiment formidable , quelle belle mission ! Bravo a vous tous ! Longue vie à Roule ma Poule!
22/01/2017 19:57:47
Quelle incroyable et belle énergie! Bravo a vous !
01/06/2016 12:53:08
grand bravo a vous. lâcher votre vie pour eux bravo :)
Judith W.
17/03/2016 19:39:13
En avant les poulettes!
Hope for the Hopeless / Fiona and Guelord
31/12/2015 15:04:46
ÉcrirDearest Sponsors, Donors and supporters of Roule Ma Poule We thank you from our hearts for this amazing effort of our gift of 10 000 Usd !!! We are speechless at your generosity and how you have blessed this project!! Be assured all funds are being used directly in this war orphan project of Mabulio and Beni. We are happy to report there was a huge increase in the school performance of our orphans this semester which finished last week. They are reaping the benefits of your gifts.. And seeing HOPE for a future now, where there was none. Bless you for sending your love and bringing joy. Love Fiona and Guelord, Beni, DRC
Didier Kilolo Kama
28/12/2015 19:45:13
Hi all the princes and princess KUKU FOUNDATION am so excited reading all the amazing works the Lordis doing acknowledging the flourish of this project,from the emptiness to the growing seed,big tree sheltering these souls am in awe and wish all the blessings to the donors and Fiona, my angel... much love and encouragements to all. I love you, soon will get along....😍🌟🌟🌟👑🌈
Jeannette Bal
17/12/2015 20:04:35
In Nederland is het project "Medicijnen Noodfonds" gestart. We gaan voor de 500 euro. De eerst 100 zijn al overgemaakt. Wil je meedoen, stuur een mail naar voor meer informatie. In the Netherlands the project "Medicines Emergency fund" has been started. The goal is 500 euro. The first 100 euro are already deposited. Do you want to join? Send an email to for information. kind regards Jeannette Bal
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Beni, RDC
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